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Be A Hero (BOOK)

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Be A Hero

by Wesley Campbell and Stephen Court, is a battle cry challenging the Body of Christ to be enlisted in the greatest battle of all times - the battle for mercy and social justice.

This book is a compelling case for you to be a hero in the life of "children at risk," beginning with scriptural understanding of mercy and justice to the poor. Then, setting the stage historically, the authors unveil the great exploits of those awesome warriors who have gone before us, outlining their struggles to serve the masses of broken humanity. Finally, Be A Hero time warps right into the third millennium, introducing the seven deadly sins uniquely facing children: extreme poverty, orphans of the streets, children in chains, sex in the city, AIDS and plagues, the oppression of war, and religious persecution. But it doesn't leave you hanging in despair.

Be A Hero is a revolutionary document that prepares you to change your world.

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