BOGO Operating in Creative Miracles and The Ministry of Divine Healing (CD Set)

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Operating in Creative Miracles 

Many wrestle with the questions: "Is it God's will to heal? Does God use sickness to teach us a lesson? How can I be certain of His will to heal me?"
In this series, Matt shares some powerful revelation from the word of God concerning the heart and nature of God to heal. He answers many of the common misconceptions concerning divine healing and builds a platform from which your faith can be activated to a new level. You will also learn how to operate in the healing anointing and gift of faith, releasing you into a life and ministry of creative miracles.

Teachings Include:

God's Will to Heal

Faith for Creative Miracles

Four Methods of Divine Healing

Releasing the Healing Anointing

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The Ministry of Divine Healing
Receiving and Ministering the Miraculous

Jesus' earthly ministry was characterized by supernatural miracles and divine healing. His ministry continues today through you and through me. In this series, Matt teaches how to operate in the healing anointing and how it is connected to the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit in your life. Matt shares on the indispensable relationship between faith and healing and shares important truths that will help release you into a greater ministry of the supernatural!

Teachings Include:
The Healing Anointing
Faith and Healing
The Three Kinds of Faith

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