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The Protocol of the Glory (CD)

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The Protocol of the Glory

Living in the Cloud of His Presence

Do you long to live where God dwells? Access has been made for us to abide in the Holy of Holies but we must follow the protocol of the glory to get there! You don’t have to live in the outer court distracted by the cares of life. You can be free to live in the manifest presence of God. In this powerful four part series Matt shares a deep revelation on the eight characteristics of God revealed in the glory and how we can see the fullness of His face and live. Matt also shares on the protocol of the glory and how to transition from the outer court into the Holy of Holies. You will enjoy this in depth teaching on our journey into the glory reflected in the elements of the tabernacle. You will also learn how the power of God is hidden within His glory and released through your life!

Teachings Include:

Living in the Holy of Holies

The Power Hidden in the Glory

The Cloud of Glory

Transfiguration Glory

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