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Keys To Your Breakthrough (CD)

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Keys to Your Breakthrough

A key scripture the Lord gave me was from 2 Sam 5:17-25 and involves Baal-perazim, the Lord of the Breakthrough. God is giving us strategies on how to breakthrough and see all spiritual resistance shattered over our lives. Three times during the week as this scripture was read, a torrential downpour of rain hit the roof of the church at the exact moment and ended once the scripture was finished being read. God was confirming His word with signs in the heavens.

Healings broke out among many. Pain from bone spurs and debilitating arthritis was instantly broken, and people were able to move freely without pain. One woman testified of the tingling sensation of the Holy Spirit as cysts were being healed in her ovaries.

The following teachings that were strategically released from the Lord will help you maneuver your way into the next season and will help you breakthrough to your next level of authority, power and assignment in God.

These words from the Lord include strategy of breakthrough, the importance of instant obedience in this hour, how to see every mountain of opposition removed from your life and how to open up the “gates” of your life, family, city and nation to the King of Glory and shut the doors on the enemy.

Teachings Include:

The Lord of the Breakthrough

Living with an Awakened Heart

Removing the Obstacles to the Glory

Possessing the Gates

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