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Power For Life - Hardcover Book

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Power for Life Book

Many Christians today are hungry to experience God's power. They often look for it in outward demonstrations of the supernatural, such as signs, wonders, miracles, and prophetic words. But there is a desperate need for all believers to realize that true power is the result of the lives they live before God every day.

This book will show people how to dwell in real, authentic spiritual power - not just the outward power sometimes visible in church meetings, but power from within that transforms their daily lives. People will learn that they can live an extraordinary, supernatural life in God Monday through Sunday.

Each chapter will deal with a principle, or key, that is essential for living an abundant life. Applying these principles - pursuing an intimate relationship with God, developing a strong identity in Christ, walking in the truth, and so on - will enable people to overcome issues from their pasts, develop fresh vision for their futures, and walk in victory on a continual basis.

The core theme of the book is that real power for life is found in the lifestyle one embraces on a daily basis. Choosing to follow certain key principles will release the supernatural power of God into a person's life so that he will exhibit God's character and experience His blessing in every area.

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