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Powerful Encounters in the God Realm (BOOK)

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In Powerful Encounters in the God Realm, you will accompany several very credible witnesses on their spiritual journeys and experiences in the glory and the supernatural. As they share insights from their moments in the supernatural, you will be awed as you learn what they learned. Yet, most importantly, you will find insights that will guide you to that sphere of supernatural encounter.

Patricia King says, "Every Christian has an invitation to experience the glories of that realm NOW!"  Read, enjoy, and then...encounter!

Georgian Banov
, Kaye Beyer
, Stacey Campbell
, Randy DeMain
, Faytene Grasseschi
, Joan Hunter
, Patricia King
, Julie Meyer
, Joshua Mills, 
Jerame Nelson
, Samuel Robinson, 
Matt Sorger
, Katie Souza
, Darren Wilson

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