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Praying the Bible: The Pathway to Spirituality (BOOK)

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Praying the Bible Book

The key to God's heart is found in God's Word. The Bible emphasizes the importance of prayer in our day-to-day relationship with God and tells us how to pray for proven effectiveness. Building upon this biblical truth, Wesley and Stacey Campbell lead us on a pathway to spirituality that runs continually upward and gains momentum at each of the seven steps.

Praying the Bible: The Pathway to Spirituality takes you on a life-changing journey from walking, to running, to being directly connected with God's presence! Along the pathway, you will learn the importance of prayer and how to go about it and why God's Word is the one and only source of true prayer power. The Pathway to Spirituality is a concise presentation of the oldest model of prayer spanning over two thousand years.

Everyone who engages in this proven method of prayer will experience a marked improvement in their own prayer life. The authors share their own exciting personal prayer experiences as they guide you through the seven steps to a deeper connection with God. This book is practical and educational, enriching and inspiring an invaluable tool for novice & seasoned intercessors alike. Bound to be a classic!

Do you want to accelerate your journey toward the heart of God? If so, here is your roadmap!
C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute
Wesley & Stacey are a dynamic couple and have written a dynamic book. This book is truly revolutionary and will help you practically, to grow in your prayer life by praying the bible. Che Ahn, Senior Pastor of Harvest Rock Church
Information and revelation, empowered by purity and passion, best describes 'The Pathway to Spirituality'.

Dutch Sheets, Pastor and Author

Having walked with Wesley and Stacey for several years down the pathway of Christianity, I highly recommend that you glean from their insights to enhance and challenge your own journey with Christ.
David Ruis, Recording Artist
Praying the Bible is a rich treasure chest of truth. If your prayer life has grown dull, this book will open up a pathway to God that will change your life.

Cindy Jacobs, co-founder of Generals of Intercession.

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